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The design and layout of your office can often set the tone for how your team members perceive your business. It will affect their productivity levels, their commitment to you and their overall happiness.


At BASE we think this matters. 

If you'll let us, we prefer to put your people front of mind, whilst always considering the commercial impact of our recommendations. By doing this we are open to design a space that really works for how your people need and like to work. 


The design process usually entails the following steps:


- Briefing session

- Site visit and survey

- Scheme design concepts 

- Space plan concepts 

- Finalised scheme and space plan 

- Technical design  

- Furniture, Finishes, Equipment 

- Visualisations 

- Build cost proposal 

If you have a project you would like to discuss please give us a call on:

0207 487 3222

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