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Do you have a defined brand and culture?


Are you utilising it in your workplace?

The most important commodity in any business is the people. In order to retain the best and most talented people, special consideration should be given to the office surroundings that you provide for them.

Having a working environment that is also a manifestation of your brand and culture will encourage and harnesses a positive environment, which will in turn improve productivity, personal happiness as well as staff retention.


At BASE we have created a simple approach we adopt in our design process and discussions with you the client to ensure we integrate your brand and your culture into the design of your office.

The output is beyond logos colour palettes, it’s an expression of beliefs, ideas, points of view and a way of life. 

How do we do this?

To do this well we need get to know your brand, its people and how they tick. We do this through interviews, observations and workshops. We then define a creative design brief from this, which of course incorporates your fundamental requirements. 

The workplace has always housed the team that sell, service, manage and care for your brands products and services.

What has changed over time in the workplace is the look and feel of the space. We have evolved from cellularization to open plan to hybrids and agile working environments. As this evolution has taken place the importance of the ‘feel’ has dramatically altered. We are seeing office environments that really are manifestations of the company's brand and culture.

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