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If you are a landlord or you represent a landlord with a property or portfolio of properties we can help. 

We carry out the following works:

Category A: 

Bringing your property up to a presentable and marketable standard. This often includes; raised floor, toilets, lighting, lift lobbies, reception foyers, decorations, AC, showers, bike racks.  

Category A+ (or a speculative fit-out):

All the standard items listed above, however you go one further and fit-out the space with some furniture, carpets and perhaps a nice kitchen and a meeting room or two. 

The purpose with this option is to entice potential tenants to take a space that is already 'fitted out', thus saving them money and time. The upside for the landlord is potentially letting the space faster, with no rent free periods and a higher rental value.  

We have designed and completed several of these in recent years and tend to find the sweet spot is between 2,000 sqft - 5,000 sq ft floor plates. 

If you have a project you would like to discuss please give us a call on:

0207 487 3222

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