Unruly Media is a dynamic and fast evolving digital media company that took an entire building covering four floors near to Brick lane, Spitalfields in London.

A design was required that allowed them to function as a head office and represent the Unruly brand, whilst at the same time harmonise with and accentuate the warehouse feel of the building. The space isn’t just a place to work but a place for team building and fun, with a single floor dedicated to a breakout area containing a large bar area, sofas and soft seating to emphasise that feeling of being at home. The end result was a great achievement for Base and the Unruly Group, who couldn’t be happier with their new office.

a Great job. Everyone is very happy, and you’ve done a fantastic job working to the deadlines. I’m astonished every morning with just how cool it looks Sarah Wood, Co-Founder and COO/CMO at Unruly.