Cisco occupy two large floors of 10 Finsbury Square. The brief was to create an exciting, vibrant and agile working space interlinking the company by a staircase joining the 7th and 8th floors.

Base had to ensure that the BREEAM excellence of the building was maintained with our entire design and construction process lead with not only the client’s core requirements but also sustainability of the environment and comfort in mind.

The space consists of bright furniture and cool breakout areas with a very sophisticated technical IT and Audio Visual solution. The workplace created is one where most would enjoy coming to work. From pool tables to cereal dispensers and even a photo booth.

In addition to useful and efficient amenities, the perks and fun environment created strive to make employees feel valued and well cared for. This is a helpful boost to productivity and staff morale. It is of little wonder that Cisco who employ over 70,000 people worldwide, have been ranked one of the top 25 best global companies to work for by Fortune in 2015.

The photos I have taken (not as nice as yours will be) have made their way around the Cisco world, the reaction has been phenomenal. Now everyone wants a similar space. To be honest, unless BASE is involved, they will never get anything like it :) If I could clone you all (you included Nik), I would. If all of my projects were this successful, I wouldn’t have all this gray hair Janet Day-Strehlow, Cisco