Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur, the leading name in luxurious lingerie appointed Base to design and construct their head office in Clerkenwell.

The original character that had been lost to this tired and out-dated 1870’s building was recaptured by restoring internal ceilings back to their full height and exposing structural steel beams and detailed column heads.

The project makes a bold statement with the clever juxtaposition and union of the dominant masculine exterior with the fancy pink feminine interior and remains perfectly in sync with the Agent Provocateur brand.

The final design scheme takes the eclectic mix of the existing building and the client’s name and unifies both elements creating a very harmonious end result.

I worked with Base on the now landmark Agent Provocateur HQ in Clerkenwell Road. Working to an extremely tight timeline, Base managed every aspect from planning regs to design, construction and furnishings with a ‘can do’ attitude and an intelligence to problem solving. The building was finished to a high quality standard bang on time. They delivered exactly what I wanted and made me very happy Joseph Corré, co-founder, Agent Provocateur